Fresh Seafood At Bristol Farms

Want to hear just how picky we are about the seafood we hand-select for the fresh seafood market at your local gourmet grocer? Just ask one of our Bristol Farms expert fishmongers. You’ll likely hear way more than you need to about where the fish came from, who caught it, how it was caught, how quickly it got from the water to our store and a million other details. We’re this picky because we believe the freshest and healthiest seafood is the tastiest, and we’re committed to offering the most extensive and tasty selection of fine seafood available anywhere.

what’s in season

It’s not just beef, pork, and chicken that our butcher keeps fresh at Bristol Farms. You’ll find only the freshest seafood in our display cases and that means the selection will vary depending on the fish that is in season. For example, fresh salmon and halibut will be available only from mid-May through early September.

Alaska’s Copper River King & Sockeye Salmon

Please note: As the Holidays get closer, our wild salmon and Alaskan Halibut seasons will start to close but don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of top notch seafood available during the off-season like ORA brand Fresh King Salmon from New Zealand and our winter time Nova Scotia Halibut and check back with us in the spring to see what’s coming in for 2020.
One catch we’re especially proud to provide to at our Southern California grocery stores are some of the finest Alaskan salmon available during the season. Alaska’s Copper River is one of the most pristine tributaries in the state and from May through September provides a bounty of King, Sockeye, and Coho salmon. These Salmon are extremely rich in omega-3 fatty acids and a melt in your mouth texture which will leave you wanting again and again. This salmon is coveted by many but only found by some so keep an eye out around early spring for these highly desired fish.

Fresh Finfish

With dozens of types of finfish to choose from, you’ll always find a wide variety of the freshest finfish available at your local Bristol Farms seafood market. Whether it’s salmon or snapper, mahi-mahi or opah, you’ll find fresh fish that tastes great. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, give our gourmet butcher a heads up and there’s a good chance he can find it for you!

Shells & Crustaceans

At Bristol Farms seafood market you’re not limited by fresh finfish. We also carry a fresh selection of shellfish and crustaceans. Delicious wild-caught shrimp from the Pacific coast of Mexico, giant king crab legs, clams, and live mussels and oysters are some of our shopper’s favorites!

Off-Season Specialties

Our gourmet grocery shoppers love seafood year-round! That’s why at Bristol Farms, we seek out the best seafood and bring it in frozen so you still have the freshest off-season specialties in the form of frozen finfish, shellfish and crustaceans to keep your seafood-loving pallette happy after November and before the salmon and halibut come back to us in the spring!

Shop Succulent Seafood At Your Gourmet Grocer

When you need the freshest and best-tasting seafood, travel to your local Bristol Farms gourmet grocery store. Our gourmet butchers keep both meat and seafood fresh in the seafood market area of our local specialty stores. Find the Southern California Bristol Farms location nearest you and make it a regular stop on your weekly or daily shopping schedule. We look forward to sharing our fresh seafood, organic produce and all of our specialty grocery items with you soon!