fresh Seafood

Want to hear just how picky we are about our seafood? Just ask one of our expert fishmongers. You’ll likely hear way more than you need to about where the fish came from, who caught it, how it was caught, how quickly it got from the water to our store, and a million other details. We’re this picky because we believe the freshest and healthiest seafood is the tastiest, and we’re committed to offering the most extensive and tasty selection of fine seafood available anywhere.

what's in season

From mid-May through September, our seafood counters are filled to the brim with a variety of fresh, wild caught, sustainable seafood. During this time, Bristol Farms will carry only the best wild salmon and halibut while it’s available. To ensure our wild salmon fisheries remain sustainable, commercial fishing is closely monitored and is usually opened to fishing for only 12 hours at a time.

fresh finfish

From swordfish to snapper, opah to ono, if it’s fresh, we’ll have it. Our fresh seafood selection doesn’t stop at our seafood counter either. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, chances are very good that our expert purveyors can find it for you.

Offering quality product, there’s often over 35 different seafood items to choose from at our seafood counter.

shells & crustaceans

How about an old-fashioned clam bake or the ultimate cioppino? Succulent, wild caught shrimp, giant king crab legs, live Littleneck and Manila clams, live eastern mussels, and an array of top quality live oysters can all be found at Bristol Farms.

All of our wild shrimp are from the clear Pacific coast waters of Mexico. Shrimp from these waters produce the most robust flavor and best texture compared to any other shrimp in the world.

off-season specialties

It’s late November and everyone is wrapping up the fishing season but what about all the great fish we had? Are we going to have to wait five more months to get it back? Not at Bristol Farms. We have been steadily working on finding the finest seafood to stock in our freezer so we can offer the best salmon and halibut during the off season.

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