Wine & Spirits

Wine & Spirits

Whether you’re looking to craft a unique cocktail for a party or get a special bottle of wine to share with friends at the table, our vast wine and spirits selection makes it easy. We’ve got options for every taste and budget: craft brews, artisan spirits, and of course fine wines from across the state and around the globe. And our wine and spirits experts never stop searching, tasting and learning, so you’ll always find something new and exciting to try whenever you shop our store.

domestic wines

Bristol Farms proudly offers a wide variety of domestic wines, from every day mainstream favorites to locally grown and produced cult wines in great demand, to a unique selection of lesser known varietals from small artisan producers. Select from a vast array of California’s golden chardonnays to robust Washington State cabernets, to a somewhat esoteric albarino to the scarcely planted charbono. Whatever your fancy, there is sure to be an offering from our own homegrown soils.

imported wines

While the United States is renowned for making world class wines, as proven in the Great Paris Tasting of 1976, it is true that other countries do actually make good wine as well. Tongue in cheek comments aside, Bristol Farms does have an impressive array of wines from most every wine producing region. The myriad of delicious wines available on our well-stocked shelves range from the Italian pinot grigio to the noble Barolo, from Spanish albarino to Rioja, from French Vouvray to the Great Growths of Bordeaux, our buyers have left few vines untouched. We are constantly looking for the next great gem, and strive to bring you new and exciting flavors.


Tunnel vision is far from Bristol Farms’ approach to this ever expanding category. Old school mentality says there are four basic categories: gin, vodka, brandy, and whisky. This narrow minded thought process went out the 8 track player, yet these categories still are prominent today. As with any hobby, there are those overachievers that want to take the standard to a new level. Today, vodkas are made from wheat, corn, beets, sweet potatoes, even grapes. Whisky makers, which traditionally use Bourbon barrels, now use wine barrels including Madeira, Port, even Sauternes. New ideas are constantly being batted around, and the creativity of the Master Distiller is being exercised quite liberally. Come see the latest flavor borne from the spirit evolution.


Yesterday’s white washed fizzy suds has given birth to what can be called extreme brewing. While the national brands are an important part of our culture and lifestyle, there are those that have taken beer to the next level. As in fine wine, each and every region has its own footprint or style that it has created or embraced. Germans love their Pilsner, English enjoy brown ales and stouts, and Belgians are famous for their unique farmhouse and Abbey ales. And where there is tradition, there is also an element of excitement where the offspring push the envelope just a little bit more. There is an evolution, sort of a cross pollination where local brewers are embracing European styles, and those overseas are adopting some best practices used at home. The results are unique and rewarding and, for the beer lover, it is an ever expanding opportunity to experience new brews.

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