Events + Store Pop‑ups

All events and pop-ups are on hold. We look forward to being able to celebrate our shared passion for food with you in the future!

Events At Bristol Farms

Hatch Chili Roasting

The Hatch Chili is such a big deal at Bristol Farms that it is celebrated with its own “holiday season” every year. The New Mexican chili is the main attraction at family-friendly roasting events that include tastings and our exclusive Hatch chili infused items. Why not take some home fresh to experiment with roasting on your own. You’ll be amazed at the flavor these favorites bring to whatever you add them to. Hatch chili season begins in late August and runs through early September.

Butcher’s Bonanza

Butcher’s Bonanza is one of our shopper’s favorite events. This is the time when our high quality meats and poultry are available at the best prices of the year when purchased in bulk or whole pieces. Bristol Farm’s own artisan butchers are on hand with cooking tips and their expert skills to carve your meat selections however you like them. The fun includes samples, raffles, and more.

Seafood Roadshow

Purchasing a whole fish or filet is the way to go for savings during this seafood extravaganza. Receive complimentary portion cutting, seasoning, and packaging of all your purchases. Come by for special daily pricing on whole fish, whole fillets, shrimp, and much more.

Bristol Farms Ice Cream Social

Hot weather calls for ice cream. With Double Rainbow, Le Cafe De Plage, Jeni’s Splendid, The Konery waffle cones, Craig’s Vegan, Coolhaus, and Dream Pops plant-based ice cream brands being featured, you are certain to find a new favorite flavor. Pick up sundae staples like scoops, spoons, and bowls from OXO, RSVP, and Mud Pie.

Pop-Up Shops

We work hard to provide unique and fun items for the kitchen. One of our favorite ways of showing off our latest gadgets and kitchen decor is at exclusive pop-up shops! See brands large and small with demonstrations, discounts, and exclusive offers you’ll only find at Bristol Farms!

Wine + Art

Paint, canvas, brushes, and wine are provided for you to recreate step-by-step the work of a famous artist. A $50 ticket covers a glass of wine and art supplies for the evening. What more could you ask for!

Riedel Mixology Event

Learn how the perfect ice cube can make or break your Old Fashioned. Or, how a Nick and Nora glass can make a Manhattan hit your palate in just the right place. Receive 20% off all Riedel glassware while you’re at it. Cost to attend this event is $50 per person.

Sip Like a Sommelier

Another Riedel event when you get to save 20% on Riedel products. Sample amazing wine along with delicious food while learning some cool things during this fun event perfect for an evening with friends or even a date night. Tickets are $50 apiece.

Consult the calendar above or contact us to find out when these special events will be happening at your neighborhood Bristol Farms.

Please note, some of the events above are not regularly occurring.