Holidays, Your Way | Prepping & Planning

Whether you’re a holiday pro or a hosting rookie, everything should be as smooth as your gravy. We came prepared with expert tips and timing suggestions so you won’t miss a beat (or a beet) on Turkey Day.

Start your stress-free prep today with our handy Holiday Countdown Planner:

4 Weeks Out
Browse blogs, magazines, social media, family recipes, and all your favorite cookbooks for inspiration. Don’t forget to bookmark, pin, or flag your favorites for easy access later!

Celebrating the holidays virtually or throwing an outdoor potluck? Start scheduling on-screen cookoffs with your loved ones. If you’re cooking for friends and family, set up meal drops to keep your dishes warm and delicious. Mark your calendar now to make Thanksgiving as easy as possible.

3 Weeks Out
Check the guest list! How many people are you cooking for in total? Count ‘em all so that you can buy enough ingredients to go around.

Next, pick out the main entrée(s). You can keep it traditional with turkey or change it up with ham, prime rib, salmon, or a vegan field roast. No matter what, this is the time to start planning and ordering so you can secure all your faves.

If you’re hosting plant-based or gluten-free guests, check out a few of our favorite recipes here. Between that and your bookmarks, you’ll have plenty to work with as you build your menu.

Last — but not least — head to the pantry and check the expiration dates on your spices, breadcrumbs, flour, and other dry goods. Also, make sure you’ve got enough of the essentials like salt and sugar.

2 Weeks Out
Clean out your fridge and freezer! Otherwise, Thanksgiving will feel like a game of Tetris, except not as fun.

Gather all the serving dishes, silver and china in one place, along with all your cooking gadgets. Missing the meat thermometer? Twine? Baster? Stock up on the essentials (or anything else you may need) today to avoid the last-minute holiday rush. While you’re at it, pick out your tabletop decor and launder any linens that need to be cleaned.

Use your menu to guide your shopping list and break it all down into categories (dairy, produce, meat, seasonings, etc.) then save time by placing your holiday turkey order in advance.

Prepare your drink pairings so you can shop for spirits, beer, wine, and mixers ahead of time. You could even shake things up with a brand new holiday cocktail!

1 Week Out
It’s almost Thanksgiving, but you should take a page from Santa Claus when it comes to your grocery list. Check it twice for any ingredients you still need.

Don’t want to stress over dessert? Make and freeze your dough ahead of time. Or, take it extra easy with one of our pre-made frozen pies!

3 Days Out
Last call to pre-order your turkey! While we take care of the bird, you can browse our Floral department for festive arrangements and gorgeous greens.

Since we’re your one-stop holiday shop, you can also stock up on:

  • Appetizers (Like this charcuterie board!)
  • Produce
  • Condiments
  • Cakes, pies, and more desserts from our bakery
  • Serving platters
  • Beverages

24 Hours Out
Tomorrow’s the big day! Make your bird extra juicy with our own Brine Blend and prep your hors d’oeuvres in advance. Cold appetizers like cheese dips and veggie platters can be wrapped airtight and stored in the fridge. Ditto for casseroles — prep them now and pop them in the oven later.

You can also get a jump on prepping your ingredients. Aromatics like basil and parsley won’t oxidize if they’re well-sealed. Your desserts and table settings can also be done in advance. And, if you’ve got any last-minute guests, we’ve got you covered with excellent ready-to-bake sides.

See? Easy as pumpkin pie.

Feeling inspired? Tag us @bristolfarms – we can’t wait to see your holiday creations.