The Grapevine Gazette


Hope springs eternal, I am told. Since we just enjoyed a very joyful holiday season, albeit it a bit atypical, I for one am sad to see these good tidings grow distant in my mental rear view mirror and wave a fond goodbye. Now is the time to prepare for your winter vacations, be they on the slopes of Big Bear or on the warm sandy beaches of Waikiki. January, named after the Latin word for door, “ianua”, is literally the entry to the New Year and an opening to fresh beginnings, which we are all desperately looking for at present. Below is a smattering of our libations to peruse and quaff during the month, from bright, refreshing whites to mouth-watering full bodied reds. So kick up your feet, try to remember what that dang New Year’s Eve resolution was that you reprise every year, and enjoy the blissful and momentary slow pace… until we do it all over again! As always, enjoy and drink outside the toboggan…we mean box!

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