The Grapevine Gazette

Aug 2 – Aug 29

The month of August was originally named Sextilis in Latin, because it was the sixth month in the original ten-month Roman calendar. In 8 BC it was renamed in honor of Emperor Augustus (his original name was Octavius prior to becoming Caesar) due to his great triumphs, including the conquest of Egypt (oh how the mighty have fallen).  For you amateur astrologers, several fantastic meteor showers take place in August, including the Kappa Cygnids and the great Perseids. What’s the connection to the wine suggestions below, you may ask – well, we’re hoping some of these selections, specifically chosen by our wine staff, will allow you a moment of awe when you taste something that you’ve been curious about but always kept at a distance. Or your palate reacts to a certain varietal or appellation that you thought you knew but come away enlightened…like watching a meteor shower for the first time. There is something offered here for everyone, be it star gazers or wine tasters. So catch a ride on your meteor or vehicle of choice to our wine arbor and remember to drink outside the box.

Marques de Caceres Rioja Rosé

Regular $7.99 Gazette Special $5.99

Here is one of my favorite wines for summer, a fresh fruity gem from Spain. Bright coral pink in color, it has notes of white flowers and currant on the nose, ripe flavors of cherries, berries, and citrus rind, finishing with a bit of pepperiness. Intensely quaffable and versatile, it pairs well with grilled chicken, paninis, barbecued tri-tip, pasta or potato salad. It’s a fine wine to partner with Hollywood bowl picnics.

Judi Woods Wine Specialist Rolling Hills

Conde Valdemar Rioja Rosé

Regular $12.99 Gazette Special $9.99

Most Spanish Rosados are darker and softer and I call them “hamburger wines”, but not this one. Conde Valdemar Rosé compares more with lighter, drier, pink wines from France. The color, a light, bright salmon, is a giveaway. This wine glows in the bottle. The rosy floral, melon and red berry aromas are so appealing I almost felt giddy when I poured some into a glass. The juice of 75% Garnacha and 25% Viura from family-owned vineyards in the three major regions of Rioja macerate on the skins for a brief 8 hours before it is drained, fermented at low temperatures and bottled in January. In the mouth the wine tastes fresh and elegant with a rounded, long finish. Like I said at the start, it isn’t a hamburger wine. Serve it with lighter food – smoked fish, salads or Asian cuisine.

Rob Hill Wine Specialist Westchester

Bristol Farms Provence Rosé

Regular $ 16.99 Gazette Special $13.99

Rosé has been the focus of Provence winemaking for centuries. Ever since the Greeks brought wine to this area in 600 BC, the people of Provence have focused on the art of dry rosé production. And in America, it is no longer quaffed during the warm summer months, but year round. What makes Provence Rosé the recognized gold standard – heritage, place and production standards. And since this Rosé was bottled specifically for Bristol Farms, we exacted the highest quality possible while still maintaining a reasonable cost. This wine boasts intense ripe fruit aromas and flavors of wild strawberry, stone fruits and subtle berry fruit flavors that offer steely acidity and a supple texture. A great match with tapenades, salads, light hors d’oeuvres and of course, on its own.

Michael Cristillo Certified Specialist of Wine; Corporate Wine & Spirits Buyer

Domaine Vallon des Glauges Provence Rosé

Regular $ 16.99 Gazette Special $13.99

Nestled in the hills of Coteaux d’Aix en Provence, the northwestern lobe of Provence, lies some of the most prime vineyards in the region. Formerly the capital of Provence (Okay, way back in the day) Aix en Provence gets 300 sunshine days a year, far more than most vinicultural areas, and benefits from the Mistrals, which keeps rot and undesirable bugs at bay. The Mediterranean influence helps with even ripening, and keeps the temperatures from scorching the fruit. Vineyards here date back to 600 BC and were enjoyed by royalty. Domaine Vallon des Glauges is a Syrah dominant cuvee with about 20% old vine Grenache. The fruit is hand harvested and sorted to cull anything but the best clusters. They are pressed and cold soaked for gentle extraction and fermented in jacketed stainless tanks to preserve the freshness, and aged sur lie in steel tanks. The wine is pure and elegant, yet delivers satisfying red fruits, peach, raspberry and delicate stone fruit character. Truly refreshing and satisfying, it is as pretty as it is delicious. Salade Niçoise, grilled or sautéed mussels, barbecue chicken or even tapenade on the patio, this is quintessential summer sipping.

Geoff Nicoll Dir. Beer, Wine & Spirits

La Clef du Recit Sancerre Rosé

Regular $27.99 Gazette Special $22.99

Provence Rosé may get the bulk of the press and accolades, but Sancerre Rosé can be more riveting and effusive in its flavors and aromas. Domaine La Clef du Récit was created in 2012 by the young and very talented vigneron Anthony Girard. Anthony left his Loire Valley family winery to start his own project after having the opportunity to purchase several acres of first class vineyards nearby the small village of Récit (hence the name). Anthony practices sustainable viticulture which is the key to healthy grapes and ultimately the highest quality wine. This is easily discernable when you taste this beauty – the light ruby color is eye catching, which leads to fresh fruit aromas and flavors such as wild strawberry, raspberry and a hint of blood orange. The wine is dry but very fruity, showing surprising delicacy and freshness. True to the limestone soil of Sancerre, this Rose displays wonderful minerality. Great with hors d’oeuvres, light seafood dishes and superb on its own.

Michael Cristillo Certified Specialist of Wine; Corporate Wine & Spirits Buyer

Alma de Cattleya Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc

Regular $18.99 Gazette Special $15.99

This beauty was expertly created by Columbia born, French trained winemaker Bibiana Gonzalez Rave, the prior winemaker at Pahlmeyer. She also has previously made wines at Lynmar and has extensive experience making wines in France. Her new Alma de Cattleya label is rapidly increasing in popularity with each cork pulled, setting the bar, for what can be achieved at this realistic price level. Arising from methodically selected vineyards centered primarily in the Russian River valley and Sonoma Coast, this beautiful interpretation of cool-climate Sauvignon Blanc was authored using the same exacting standards as the Cattleya single vineyard wines, which retail in the $70 range. The 2016 vintage, fermented using a combination of stainless steel tanks and neutral French oak barrels, graces your palate with tremendous precision and freshness, and no trace of oak aging. A beautiful, Sancerre –like bouquet bursts from the glass, layered with exotic mango, passionfruit, white flowers and chamomile. Vibrant and fresh on the palate with pristine acidity and a laser focus, flavors of poached pear, honeyed melon, orange rind and assorted citrus fruit abound. It all culminates in a perfect harmony and a truly remarkable value for California Sauvignon Blanc. Dynamite with our specialty cheeses, such as goat, and our shellfish and seafood offerings.

Jose Cortes Wine Specialist South Pasadena

Jean-Pierre Bailly Pouilly Fumé Les Griottes

Regular $21.99 Gazette Special $17.99

Yes, Sancerre gets a lot of love, especially from us, but the wines from Pouilly Fumé (right across the river) are almost completely ignored. And it is truly unfortunate, as they have everything going for them except the notoriety that was bestowed upon Sancerre decades ago. The vineyards share very similar characteristics; the main difference is in the chalky, limestone clay soils. They are actually quite similar to those of Chablis, and to a degree, Champagne. There is limestone and flint which is reflected in the slightly smoky (one of the attributes and influences in naming the zone “Fume”) along with abundance of white chalk that is the vein that runs throughout the region. The Bailly Fumé is vibrant and tangy with ample richness in its youth to keep it from searing your pallet. Typical gooseberry, green apple, white peach and citrus with a mineral core reflecting notes of flint and smoke in the refined elegant finish. This is delightful with shellfish and of course the quintessential golden beet salad with crumbled chevre.

Geoff Nicoll Director Beer, Wine & Spirits

Duckhorn Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Regular $29.99 Gazette Special $26.99

Whether you’re poolside, picnicking, or just relaxing on the patio with friends, this delicious Sauvignon Blanc will reward any occasion. When Duckhorn Vineyards began producing their Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc it quickly became a crowd favorite and highly acclaimed as one of the best coming out of California. Barrel fermented and blended with a hefty dose of Semillon, its uniqueness shines with a slight grassiness and oiliness (from the Semillon) on the nose followed by ripe, refreshing grapefruit, passion fruit and tangerine flavors on the palate. Full flavored, bright fruit is beautifully balanced with zippy acidity making this harmonious wine a pleasure to experience. Quaff this gem with good company, or pair it with seafood, chicken or pork dishes for a memorable meal.

Fernando Damasco Wine Specialist Santa Monica

Chapoutier Bellerouche Cotes du Rhone Blanc

Regular $14.99 Gazette Special $11.99

French white wines, especially Rhone whites, have always been my favorite of the myriad of whites available – they are easily drinkable and notably refreshing. Chapoutier’s Blanc is a terrific example of an aromatic and flavorful wine. Respectfully blending Rhone Valley grapes such as Grenache Blanc, Viognier, and Roussane has been key to making such a complex drink. It has layers of tropical citrus, like nectarines, and apricots, with a floral edge that finishes with a light herbal note of fennel. Chapoutier has been making wine for decades and they have a strong sense of ideology about their wines. You can enjoy this Cote du Rhone Blanc with salads, seafood, poultry. As you can see, it is very versatile wine to enjoy with a good collection of cheeses.

William Buford Wine Specialist Hollywood

Cyril Gautheron Chablis

Regular $21.99 Gazette Special $17.99

One of the purest expressions in Chardonnay lives in the French Appellation known as Chablis. Chablis was cannibalized and bastardized by some of the big American bulk wine congloms in the 70’s and 80’s but was reversed in a trade agreement (Champagne was another salvaged by this law) and now exists solely in its rightful place as one of the world’s great wine regions. The soils in Chablis are primarily clay and limestone, and possess significant shell fossilization due to its former status as a seabed. It is here that you see true terroir, it is unmasked and unmistakable, and inimitable although a great many try. Cyril Gautheron is currently under the 7th generation of family winemaking. This stylish 100% Chardonnay offers soft biscuit, nuts, lemon and saline aromas. On the palate it is generous, very fruit driven with lemon-lime, apricot and hazelnut with a creamy almost marzipan character leading to a mineral laden finish. It is characteristically un-oaked, so is truly unadulterated. Ideal with steamed mussels, grilled poultry, chevre or other aromatic soft rind cheeses.

Geoff Nicoll Director Beer, Wine & Spirits

Cambria Santa Maria Valley Chardonnay Bench Break

Regular $19.99 Gazette Special $16.99

Cambria is a private, family-owned estate winery that has carved out a reputation for producing lush, tropical Chardonnay. Each of the unique 15 blocks of Chardonnay, planted in sand and granite soils, are farmed on an individual basis. The Cambria Estate Bench Break Chardonnay is bright with citrus, apple, peach, and vanilla aromas. Rich, mouth-filling flavors of grapefruit, citrus blossom, white peach, and sweet oak lead to a lasting clean, fresh finish. Pair with salmon and hearty poultry dishes.

Michael Contreras Wine Specialist Beverly Hills

ZD Winery California Chardonnay

Regular $36.99 Gazette Special $32.99

The 2015 vintage proved to be very complex due to California’s warmer growing season and dryer weather conditions. These combined influences resulted in a smaller, intensely concentrated crop. This provided rich balance of bright fruit with delicate acidity. It gives off tropical aromas of guava and pineapple with hints of lemon zest and vanilla. So make it a perfect summer night with this chilled Chardonnay and a nice seafood dinner.

Kyle Ezidro Wine Specialist Manhattan Beach

Groth Napa Valley Oak Knoll District Chardonnay

Regular $32.99 Gazette Special $28.99

Just off Oakville Cross Road sits the art and architecture that is the Groth Winery. Surrounded by its own vineyards, Groth produces a wonderfully crisp Chardonnay with bold minerality and no butter. Hints of apple and nectarine lead to a long finish of mango and butterscotch. This wine shows best at no colder than 55 degrees. Best enjoyed when paired with fruit, cheese, delicate seafood, or even herb-roasted pork.

Neal Wassermann Wine Specialist La Jolla

Matua Marlborough Pinot Noir

Regular $12.99 Gazette Special $10.99

As much as any other variety, Pinot Noir reflects its place. I am just getting to know the Pinots of New Zealand. So far I find them to be very good wines and even better values. Perhaps you know about New Zealand wine from their fabulous Sauvignon Blancs. Matua winery was the first to plant Sauvignon Blanc in New Zealand. But please try the Pinot Noir. The fruit is truly ripe and full. The cherry color is reflected in the flavor. Blackberry notes and some sweet, smoky oak are also evident. Mouth feel is initially soft and luscious, with enough acid and tannin structure for the savory, lingering finish. This is a versatile wine and I will be trying it with some grilled salmon later tonight.

Rob Hill Wine Specialist Westchester

Talbott Kali Hart Monterey County Pinot Noir

Regular $22.99 Gazette Special $18.99

Talbott ‘s Kali Hart Pinot Noir is a pure fruit expression of Monterey County. It’s made to be bright and appealing upon release, with the fresh, cool climate flavors for which this AVA is known. It has a beautiful, deep ruby color with bright fruit aromas
of cranberry, currant and plum, as well as hints of vanilla. The crisp red fruit flavors continue on the palate, where they are accentuated by soft, smooth tannins. The finish is long with lush fruit and hints of vanilla and French oak. Kali Hart Pinot Noir is named after Robb Talbott’s youngest daughter.
90 points Wine Enthusiast 2014

Michael Cristillo Certified Specialist of Wine; Corporate Wine & Spirits Buyer

Foxen Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir

Regular $36.99 Gazette Special $31.99

The dynamic duo of Bill Wathen and Dick Dore have been crafting outstanding, small-production wines using the “minimalist approach” since they founded Foxen Winery back in 1985. Impeccably made Pinot Noir seems to stand out in my mind, although they also make some amazing whites, Syrahs and even Bordeaux-style blends. This appellation blend is the most fruit-forward of the Pinots they produce and is comprised mostly of a Pommard clone from one of their Bien Nacido Vineyards. Faint forest-floor and wild herb notes greet the nose with bright red cherry, strawberry and tart pomegranate flavors engulfing the medium bodied, supple and velvety mouthfeel. An absolute steal at this price point, its elegance and nuance are apparent from the first sip. Grab a few bottles and see how it develops over the next 3-4 years (if you can resist) you won’t be disappointed.

Fernando Damasco Wine Specialist Santa Monica

WesMar Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

Regular $44.99 Gazette Special $39.99

WesMar is a real deal small family winery, a husband and wife partnership, Wes being from Kirk’s middle name Wesley and Mar for Mary, Denise’s middle. The team has deep roots in the world of Pinot Noir, as Denise happens to have one of the all-time Cali-Cults, Ed Selyem of the famed Williams & Selyem as her father and mentor. After working at W&S for years, they branched out on their own. Their technique and style is pretty similar, true RRV and Sonoma Coast flair, and the signature is unmistakable. At first pour, you realize, this is true Pinot, not some inky over-extracted, Syrah-esque dark as night red, it is actually a light in color, slightly hazy (yes it is unfiltered, a rarity these days) true rendition of what Pinot really is (or should be) about. While there are many fans of the former, others of us believe Pinot should be elegant and expressive and show the terroir, and it does that as good as any grape on the planet. The Russian River 2014 is lively, almost brisk, yet has an earthy core to supplement its bold cherry, raspberry and cola flavors. Notes of cedar dust and spice fill out the plush lingering and rounded finish. This wine is youthful and fresh and will continue to develop for many years, although, with decanting it is pretty delicious in its current state. Pair with smoked or grilled salmon, seared tuna, or marinated Tri-Tip.
90 Points Wine Spectator.

Geoff Nicoll Director Beer, Wine & Spirits

Borsao Tres Picos Campo de Borja Garnacha

Regular $16.99 Gazette Special $14.99

Founded in 1958 in the town of Borja, called Borsao in the 4th century B.C., this winery represents what can be done with Garnacha. Through meticulous selection, work in the fields and at reception time in the winery, modern winemaking produces this highly fruity wine. Tres Picos, one of the best examples from the region known as “The Garnacha land of Spain”, is made from 100% Garnacha and aged five months in French oak barrels as well as in stainless steel. It is a dark ruby colored wine with notes of cherry, blackberry, licorice with supple tannins. Medium to full-bodied, richly fruity with beautiful finesse, complexity and purity.

Gabriella Tardos Wine Specialist Westwood

Tilia Mendoza Malbec

Regular $9.99 Gazette Special $8.99

The Tilia wines are made at Bodega Esmeralda in the Eastern region of Mendoza. They are made by Leopoldo Kuschnaroff, a winemaker and viticulturist in charge of all Catena family vineyards. This Malbec exemplifies the true varietal character of this grape from Mendoza. The grapes are sourced from vineyard sites in the Eastern and Southern region of Mendoza ranging in elevation from 2,600 to 4,300 feet above sea level. Aromas of black cherries and plum are accompanied by notes of violets and vanilla. On the palate the wine is rich and full-bodied with flavors of juicy blackberries, cranberries, and black currants abound, followed by notes of vanilla and sweet spice. Enjoy with meat dish that mirrors its tangy berry flavors like cranberry pot roast or roast duck with sour cherry sauce. 90 points Wine Advocate 2014  

Jose Cortes Wine Specialist South Pasadena

Villa Antinori IGT Toscana Rosso

Regular $19.99 Gazette Special $16.99

Antinori has been in the wine business since Giovanni di Piero Antinori joined the Florentine Guild of Vintners in 1385. This wine has an intense ruby red color, which opens with aromas of ripe cherries, spice, chocolate and hints of mint on the nose. The wine is full-bodied with a palate of rich fruit and spice with a lingering finish of sweet fruit and spices. Primarily a Sangiovese with a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah, this wine pairs well with heavy red sauced pasta dishes or grilled NY Sirloin from our award winning Meat Department.

Bruce Davis Wine Specialist Palm Desert

Michael Pozzan California Annabella Red Blend

Regular $14.99 Gazette Special $12.99

This elegantly simple red, made in the Bordeaux style from grapes sourced from various AVA’s in California, is an excellent choice for a quality everyday wine. The red-purple color releases cherries, red berries and lightly toasted oak on the nose. Pleasant with ripe cherries, coffee and a hint of dark chocolate and mild tannins on the palate. Enjoy with summer barbecue, roasted vegetables, sweet potatoes, or aged cheddar.

Neal Wassermann Wine Specialist La Jolla

Cht Souverain California Cabernet Sauvignon

Regular $14.99 Gazette Special $11.99

The Chateau Souverain Cabernet Sauvignon shows a deep, ruby color with a purple rim. A finely-balanced wine with aromas of boysenberry fruit, wild blackberry and cassis, with added notes of plum that mingle with toast and vanilla. The sumptuously soft tannins and a finish that lingers on and on will leave you wanting more. Pair this red gem with a Santa Maria Tri-tip or with a hunk of sharp Cheddar cheese and crusty bread.

Michael Gregory Certified Specialist of Wine; Merchandising Specialist

Cht. Beaumont Haut Medoc Bordeaux

Regular $18.99 Gazette Special $16.99

Beaumont is one of those quietly reliable producers that always does a great job, but is often overshadowed by some sleeper rock-star, “wine of the vintage” or other award bestowed on somebody that outshines everybody in that fleeting moment. I have been a fan for many years, and always enjoy tasting the wines from Beaumont – they are delicious, exciting and absolutely indicative of the Medoc. As Bordeaux goes, so many of the super-hype wines have super-inflated themselves out of the market, with first growths over $500, seconds in the many hundreds and so on, but at the Cru Bourgeois level, the wines just deliver and they are still very fair (somewhat of an oxymoron when used with Bordeaux.) The fruit is fresh, unadulterated, crunchy and expressive, it is youthful for sure, but the 2014 vintage wears everything on its sleeve. Tons of black fruits, cocoa, well integrated oak and some savory dried herb components adding a little flair. Great with grilled steak, herb rubbed leg of lamb, sautéed mushrooms and a well-appointed charcuterie platter.
88 Points Wine Advocate.

Geoff Nicoll Director Beer, Wine & Spirits

Orin Swift Abstract Sonoma County Proprietary Red

Regular $35.99 Gazette Special $30.99

From the very distinctive label populated with Icons famous and infamous, Elvis, Queen Elizabeth, Lenin and Bonnie Parker one will find a California red blend of Grenache, Petite Sirah and Syrah from the hillsides of Sonoma County. Abstract has rich aromas of Luxardo Marasca cherries, black plums and raspberries, with hints of coffee, mocha and caramel in the background. Heavy mid-palate with dense layers of cherry and strawberry, finish is soft dusty tannins with a hint of sweet oak. Aged for 10 months in new and seasoned French Oak, making it a great pairing with lamb. 90 points Wine Spectator 2015

Dorothy Sagebiel Wine Specialist Westchester

Brown Estate Napa Valley Chaos Theory

Regular $41.99 Gazette Special $32.99

This wine dazzles in the glass. The initial swirl unleashes plumes of fragrance—flowering lilac, French lavender, eucalyptus, and brown sugar that leads to a generous, juicy blackberry base. A blend of blackberry jam and plum notes lingers over toasted brioche, accompanied by hints of smoked bacon and a brooding minerality. Medium-plus weight with a warm and engaging mouthfeel leads to a dazzling, opulent finish. A blend of Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah. Hurry up and get that meat and veggies on the grill!

Michael Cristillo Certified Specialist of Wine; Corporate Wine & Spirits Buyer

Prices valid August 2 – 29th, 2017
All wines assort for 10% discount when 6 or more bottles are purchased. All selections are 750 ml unless otherwise noted. No rain checks. While Bristol Farms takes every effort to ensure adequate supply, all offerings are subject to availability.

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