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BF 101: To Your Health

5 Tips for Healthy, Happy Hands

Frequent hand-washing is essential to good health. But, it’s also important to protect your delicate skin. All that scrubbing can create dry cracks.

Stay silky, smooth, and – above all else – safe, with these tips to pamper your hands:

hands holding cream

Pamper Your Hands


Lotion is great for dry skin, but when you’re suffering from cracked hands, you’ll want to use a thicker cream that reinforces your skin’s natural barrier. Look for creams with ingredients that lock in moisture (like beeswax and shea butter) and apply them when your hands are still damp after washing.

hand massaging other hand

Hand Massage

Grab some of your favorite oil and give your hands a deep massage. For an added bonus, massage the Union Valley pressure point (between your thumb and forefinger) to help ease anxiety and calm down.


When you’re washing dishes, disinfecting your home, or using any harsh cleaning solutions, gloves are critical for protecting your skin.

bowl of oatmeal, milk, honey and bar of soap

Oatmeal Bath

It may sound silly, but oatmeal can soothe inflamed skin. Simply blitz raw, pure oatmeal in a blender, or buy it premade, and add it to a bowl of warm water. Soak for 10-15 minutes and finish by moisturizing with a hydrating cream.

Warm Oil Soak

A longtime favorite of nail enthusiasts, warm oil soaks are a great way to strengthen your nails and heal dry or cracked skin. Start by warming avocado, coconut, grapeseed, or almond oil in a bowl. Add a few drops of vitamin E oil to heal the skin. Make sure the oil is warm, not hot. Soak your hands in the bowl for the next 10-15 minutes. Take this time to focus on your breath, roll and stretch your neck and shoulders. If slowing down isn’t your speed, set up a virtual pampering appointment with a friend and chat while you both heal, protect and restore your hands. Then, all you have to do is massage the oil into your skin, and you’re set!

Remember: your hands are working overtime these days. Giving them a little extra attention will go a long way to staying healthy and safe.

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