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BF 101: In the Kitchen

Pork Perfection

Bowl of noodles with pork and green onion

There’s a wide world of pork for you to explore, full of tender bites, unparalleled flavor, and globally-inspired plates. Your adventure starts today, because you’ll

Get ready to impress everyone at your table with impossibly juicy pork chops and tenderloin that lives up to its name. Plate-ready in just 15 minutes, it delivers a rare trifecta of quick, delicious, and healthy. Swap in broccoli, collards, bok choy, or any nutritious green you’re craving. The same goes for garlic, soy sauce, scallions, and other wok staples thanks to the rich flavor of pork. Plus, you can serve it over rice, udon, or any noodle you’d like!

Of course, Bristol Farms pork isn’t just for pan-searing. Rub diced garlic, sea salt, and freshly cut rosemary into a succulent pork roast and bake for 40 minutes per pound (or until the internal temperature is 160°F). The result is a luscious dinner centerpiece with a flavorful crust that dazzles the tongue. For a quick weeknight feast, layer a baking sheet with olive oil, half a dozen center-cut pork chops, and salt and pepper to taste. After 30 minutes in the oven, serve up these savory chops with a ramekin of applesauce and a side of steamed asparagus.

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