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BF 101: In the Kitchen

Ring In The New Year With Caviar

Caviar for New Years

Ring in the New Year with caviar & champagne! It’s an irresistible combo, even for those who aren’t typically wild about seafood. That’s because fine caviar is surprisingly buttery, often delicate, and evokes the ocean without being too fishy. On a spoon, blini or toast point, caviar will bring a bite-sized touch of elegance to your celebration. (Just be sure to leave some for New Year’s Day brunch with your scrambled eggs!)

Ready to get this party started? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s just a taste of our world-class caviar selection:    

A Festive Caviar Selection

American Sturgeon Caviar

Wild-caught Hackleback produces small grain, dark black eggs with a firm texture and clean, mild flavor. A classic and affordable true sturgeon caviar.

American Paddlefish Caviar

Wild-caught Paddlefish is briny, earthy, and smooth. Comparable to Caspian Sea Sevruga in flavor and an affordable alternative to sturgeon caviar.

Royal Reserve Caviar

White Sturgeon sustainably farmed in California. This extremely high quality caviar boasts a nutty, clean, and delicate flavor leading to a creamy finish.

Royal Siberian Caviar

Siberian Sturgeon sustainably farmed in Italy. This caviar has semi-firm beads and a buttery, velvety taste — similar to wild Caspian Sea caviar.

Golden Osetra Caviar

Russian Sturgeon farm-raised in the pristine waters of the Thousand Island Lake. Firm texture, bright golden to light amber beads, this delicacy has an elegant, buttery flavor.

Rainbow Trout Caviar

The finest European farm-raised Rainbow Trout produces a pristine caviar with delicate flavor and a crisp, briny tang. The vibrant orange, medium size grains are perfect on blinis, latkes, or toast points with crème fraîche, crumbled hard-boiled eggs, and finely chopped chives. 

BF 101 In the Kitchen New Year's Eve