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BF 101: In the Kitchen

What is Brix?


What is Brix?

When it comes to peaches, we take Brix seriously!

Degrees Brix (or Brix for short) measures the level of sugar or sucrose in produce. The higher the degree, the sweeter the bite! Scales differ based on the measured produce, but peaches range from 6 to 15+ degrees. Every shipment we receive is tested, and our team will happily let you know what our peaches are measuring at.

If you want to keep your peaches as sweet as possible at home, do your best to avoid chilling them in the refrigerator. Though it might be necessary to keep them from spoiling, extended chilling can dehydrate the fruit, resulting in a diminished taste and texture. 

Indulge in a sweet summer when you use our handy Brix Scale!

Brix Scale

15+ExcellentUnbelievable sweetness and flavor
12GoodAromatic, juicy and packed with flavor
9AverageGood Flavor
6PoorInconsistent ripening and flavor

Feeling inspired? Tag us @bristolfarms – we can’t wait to see your creations.

BF 101 In the Kitchen Fruit Peaches Summer