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For the Whisky Lover

Rendezvous Bespoke by BF

A Special Collaboration

Introducing an exclusive collaboration between Maker’s Mark and Bristol Farms: Rendezvous Bespoke by BF. This limited-edition whisky comes from a single barrel of cask strength Maker’s Mark Bourbon, aged for at least six years, and enriched with ten distinct custom wood finishing staves. The result is a velvety, intricate, and harmonious whisky that delivers a medley of enticing aromas and flavors that is only available at Bristol Farms.

With more than 1000 combinations possible, our Wine & Spirits team worked closely with Maker’s Mark. They agreed Rendezvous Bespoke by BF brought together the heritage and tradition of Maker’s Mark with the passion of Bristol Farms.

Rendezvous Bespoke by BF unveils enticing notes of honey, vanilla, and vibrant fruit on the nose, followed by a palate that dances with baking spices, caramel, roasted milk chocolate, coffee, dried dark fruit, clover, ripe fruit, and pipe tobacco. The finish is long and satisfying, adorned with a subtle interplay of spice and sweetness.

For aficionados of fine whisky, this is a rare chance to savor a truly unique expression of Maker’s Mark, artfully reflecting the distinctive personality and tastes of Bristol Farms. Rendezvous Bespoke by BF stands as a testament to the craft of whisky-making and the sheer pleasure of sipping and savoring.