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BF 101: In the Kitchen

Off the Hook, On the Grill

whole fish on platter with potatoes

There are so many reasons we love summer, but one of the main ones is grilled fish. On the barbecue, fish takes on the smoky, charred flavor of the open fire while staying juicy and fork-tender.

Don’t be intimidated – this is your oppor-tuna-ty to become a true grill master! Just a few things to keep in mind before you fire up the grill:

Tips for Grilling Fish

  • Choose a BBQ-ready fish. Salmon, tuna, mahi-mahi, sea bass, swordfish, and snapper are able to withstand the heat of the grill, and they’re all super tasty. (Can’t decide? One of our pros in the seafood department will be happy to help!)
  • Pat down the fillet to remove excess moisture. This lowers the chance of sticking so that your fish ends up on your plate, not your grate.
  • Clean and grease the grill to avoid a sticky situation. Scrub off any prior food residue, and apply a small amount of neutral oil (like avocado or grapeseed) directly to the grill. This will also help prevent sticking later.
  • No marinade necessary. You won’t want to marinate most thin fillets, because it will weaken their delicate structural integrity. Instead, flavor these delicate cuts by way of seasoning, plus post-grill accompaniments like salsas and sauces. (If you’re making a whole fish, or an especially thick cut, feel free to marinate!)
  • Don’t flip out. We know, it’s tempting to flip more than once, but keep it to one flip per piece. Just keep an eye on things and let the grill do the work to ensure even cooking.
  • Turn up the heat! Crank up the heat before you place the fish on the grill, because that’ll help release the fish from the grill after it cooks.

P.S. For the perfect finishing touch, pick up our Bristol Farms Garlic Herb butter! Made in-house and loaded with garlic and herbs, you’ll find it in the Seafood department.

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