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BF 101: In the Home

Packing Your Pantry (Part 2)

oil and vinegar in small bowls

More Tips for a Well-Stocked Pantry

Condiments, Oils, and Vinegars

are absolute necessities for creating well-balanced meals from your pantry. A high-quality olive oil will always improve your cooking and give you a good serving of healthy fat in the process. Keep a stash of mustard, chili paste, and hot sauce on hand to add flavor to your favorite dishes. Ditto for vinegar: it gives a hint of brightness to your dishes while white vinegar can double as a handy kitchen cleaner. Also, don’t forget about your favorite jarred salsas, olives, and capers. 

Canned fish and meat

are an easy way to inject protein into your diet. Classic tuna salad is not the only dish that you can make with canned fish; try your hand at canned salmon chowder. Or, use canned chicken to boost your pasta or fix an indulgent buffalo chicken dip.

Nut butters

are an abundant source of healthy fats, protein, and nutritionally dense calories. While peanut butter is most popular, varieties like cashew, almond, pecan, and walnut butters are all tasty options. And, for those allergic to nuts, sunflower, hemp, and pumpkin seed butter are great alternatives. Not only are these butters delightful for snacking, but they can be used to make a wide array of sauces. 

bowl of broth


is the backbone of some of the world’s favorite dishes. Whether you’re trying to make a chicken noodle soup or a soft broth to deglaze a risotto, broth is an absolute necessity. Boxed broth is a great option, as is jarred bouillon. The bouillon option saves space and allows deeper control of the intensity of your broth’s flavor.

Stock up on your faves. Do you have a favorite canned soup? A boxed meal that warms your heart? Dried staples you love? Keep a few tucked in the cabinet for a rainy day and check the dates periodically to keep your pantry as fresh – and delicious – as possible.

BF 101 In the Home Broth Condiments Fish Meat Nut Butter Pantry