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BF 101: In the Kitchen

The Cookie: Our Chef’s Special Creation

2 Fresh The Cookies

What's so special about The Cookie?

Have you tried The Cookie? Some may say it’s our claim to fame. And with all humility, we agree! The Cookie truly is a chocolate chunk and walnut masterpiece created by our amazingly talented French chef who tested countless recipes…until it was finally just right.

To say Chef Christophe put his heart and soul into this creation would be quite the understatement. Sure, he can whip up just about any fancy French pastry, but The Cookie is his favorite. Oui, it’s just that good.

After one bite of The Cookie’s buttery, soft, and chunky chocolate-y goodness, you’ll know what all the fuss is about. The Cookie boasts Callebaut 60% Belgian dark chocolate and toasted walnuts, AND it’s served warm all day at most of our stores. What could be more divine? The next time you’re at Bristol Farms, be sure to grab a little piece of chocolate heaven from the Bakery Department.

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