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Meet the Makers: The Samuels Family of Maker’s Mark

The Samuels Family of Maker’s Mark

It all started in 1953 with one family's quest to create a bourbon they enjoyed drinking and sharing with friends. Maker’s Mark, the world's first premium bourbon, would go on to revolutionize the industry. 

In the rolling hills of Loretto, Kentucky, Bill Samuels Sr. tinkered, toiled, and tasted until he crafted the spirit of his dreams. Dissatisfied with the harshness of traditional bourbons, he sought to craft a smoother, more refined spirit. “Give me a bourbon that won’t blow my ears off,” Bill said.

By replacing the traditional rye grain with red winter wheat, Bill created a recipe that would become the hallmark of the brand. Bill’s wife, Margie Samuels, gave Maker’s Mark its name and world-famous signature — “Maker” for the craft of the artisan and “Mark” for the hand-dipped red wax atop every bottle. 

The story of Maker's Mark is not merely about a unique bourbon recipe or a catchy name; it's about a family's unwavering dedication and continued innovation. Bill Sr.’s son, Bill Samuels Jr., carried on this tradition, further refining the process and expanding the brand's reach. Today, the legacy is continued by his son Rob, a self-described “naturalist” who ensures the consistency of the product as well as the sustainability of the operation. 

The Samuels’ commitment to quality over quantity is evident in every bottle of Maker's Mark. The distillery produces bourbon in small batches to ensure meticulous attention to detail. Every bottle — including the limited-edition Rendezvous Bespoke by BF — carries the signature of the Samuels family, a personal guarantee of excellence.

Rendezvous Bespoke by BF is distilled from a single barrel, aged for at least six years, and enriched with ten distinct custom wood staves. The result is a velvety, intricate, and harmonious whiskey that delivers a medley of enticing aromas and flavors.

Learn more about Rendezvous by BF, a rare chance to savor the heritage of Maker’s Mark and the distinctive personality of Bristol Farms.

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