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Lavender Tom Collins

Lavender Tom Collins

Spring is here and we’re all about bright and tasty sips. Sweet, fruity, and refreshing, this drink recipe is guaranteed to make you the toast of the table. All you need is some ice, a shaker, and a sense of adventure! 

Ready to spring into action? Start with this simple syrup for a fun twist on the classic Tom Collins made with lavender simple syrup. 


  • 2 ounces gin

  • 1 ounce lemon juice

  • 1/4 ounce lavender simple syrup

  • Club soda

  • Sprigs of lavender & lemon to garnish


  1. Add gin, lemon juice, and lavender simple syrup to Collins glass filled with ice. Stir.
  2. Top off with club soda.
  3. Garnish and enjoy!
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